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With the

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When I was a child everytime I got sick I would make my mother go get Campbell's Beef Noodle Soup and rent me Clue. I love this movie. The movie is based on the board game Clue. I think I loved this movie so much because it had Tim Curry, who was and is my favorite actor (I mean have you seen Rocky Horror Picture Show?) and the fact that it is based on a board game. My family played a lot of board games when I was younger; it was kind of a time were we could all bond and have some fun. Another reason this movie is so memorable to me is I thought that the multiple endings were cool. When I grew older and discovered that on the DVD I could select an ending or just view one I thought that was even more awesome. The pick-your-ending books left me hours of enjoyment trying every single different combination of endings. The best part about that was trying to figure out which ones were not so likely due to the logical Ulysses-based story line. Whenever I could (or can, I still do this) find a error in either a story or movie I would pick up on it and try to think of a way to fix it. This is part of my culture, where everything is analyzed and processed for a meaning and answer. Whatever the reason, I still love this movie as much today as I did when I was a child. The story line is fun and the characters interact in a dynamic way that can keep a child's attention. But the dialogue is filled with puns, jabs and whitty remarks that leave an adult laughing.







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