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Term Extensions

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Culture- my definition

When most people hear culture they think of the definition that is represented in this video.


However, upon hearing the word culture a myriad of different images left out of most peoples ideas of culture cross my mind.


First from work, the culture of an ill patient that should provide some insight into the treatment and cure of the afflicting ailment.This culture comes in the form of a tube, slide or paper that must be delivered for further analysis.   






Then from school the smell of agar and subsequent gaseous release  

from some microorganism that is to be studied and analyzed.


 Finally in daily life the image of people dressed in black staring at a blank canvas as if it were a great piece of art work, 

drinking their culturally refined gibberish in as if they are the only people in the world with any claim to analysis based in culture.

For all these different images a similarity of analysis is found among them. In all circumstances the development of the ideas of culture relies on the people performing some analysis of the materials that they are given. So it would seem to me that the definition of culture is the analysis of some material and the explaining of the results. Even in the traditional definition of culture explained in the video, a analysis of aspects from current media must be performed so the culture can be developed.
Cultural Insight: The assigment just perfomed is an example of culture because an analysis of materials from Ulmer and personal information was just performed and the reasoning behind the decision was discussed.






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