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My mother is the master of rummy.

We typically play rummy 500 where the goal is to be the first to 500 points. The way you score points in rummy is by setting up runs which are three or more cards of the same suit in sequence or by making books, which are groups of at least three like numbers.

My mother also applies the rummy rules to life, in the most uniques ways. diamondA diamond2 diamond3 diamond4 My mother has always been able to set things up from begining to end with the greatest of ease. She has always been the organizer of the family, arranging everyone's activies and making sure that all the pieces come together to make the day "run" smoothly. At one point she had 4 teenage boys and their friends in 4 differnt lunch periods, but that didn't deter my mom. She would get the stove going to make sure that all the kids had a hot lunch. diamond5 She is also able to meld anything into our daily runs to added that last minute need or want.


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rules and suit symbols from http://www.pagat.com/rummy/500rum.html


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