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Haven't Got a "Clue"

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So this is the way the movie goes... I think...


The movie starts with Tim Curry (the butler Wadsworth) approaching and entering a large mansion. He feeds something to the guard dogs in of the house and shortens their chains. The guests begin to arrive. After all the guests arrive they have dinner and find out that everybody else is being blackmailed. The "Host," Mr. Boddy, shows up and gives them each a gift, which turn out to be the weapons in the Game. Someone shoots Mr Boddy and the guests all blame each other. While they are trying to deduce who has killed him they find the cook dead. When they return to the room where they left Mr. Boddy they discover that "there is no body;" they later find him in the hall bathroom bashed over the head. They decide to search the house and split up into pairs, each searching a different level. Then there is a motorist who is killed and a cop who is also killed. Finally the maid is killed. They find secret passages while searching the house. There are three possible endings to the movie.






The Endings



Ending #1- Miss Scarlet (the Madame) either had the victims killed or killed them herself because they were connected to her house of ill repute.















Ending #2- Mrs. Peacock kills all the victims.



















Ending #3- each person had a hand in one of the murders, making them all guilty.
























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