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So if you wonder about the culture I was brought up in, a lot of my childhood was spent in the hospital with my sister in a very small community. My entertainment consisted mostly of books and movies. The time I spent with my sister allowed me to see the different aspects of health care. After my sister died I became somewhat of a pessimist. When I get a glimpse of my childhood I try to remember the good times with my family doing the things that related us to one another. My family had a lot to do with the safety I feel at home and the decisions I make. So much of my life lies in this small area that it seems that my entire life has just been here. Now that I have grown mood am I in? Is the basis of who I am, the image I try to emulate from the movies I watched, the music I listen to, the books I read, or from a family figure? What are the patterns that drive my thoughts and actions? 

My Story-

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