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Decision Scene

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Homesickness- After my husband and I were married and had moved into our 1st apartment we really did not correspond or interact with our parents that much. One day when returning to my parents' home I was turning the corner, a corner I turned everyday for 19 years, and felt this sudden need to be home. I entered this house which had been my home for 19 years and felt this sudden sadness and longing for the comforts and ease that I had always experienced there. I went into what used to be my bedroom, which is now a theater room and sat looking at the mirrored glass closet doors. After that point I never let more than a day go by without talking to my parents. 
Boredom- This feeling is oh so familiar when it comes to lecture classes. Throughout my daily life I don’t really have time for boredom, however, when sitting in an hour and a half lecture class listening to some assistant professor talk just so she can hear herself my mind tends to shut down and enter a state of boredom. The lecturing, which is always straight out of the notes or book without any original ideas can go on without interruption for the entire class period and over if you don’t just walk out. The entire time I sit and think, "why does a bio major have to take this sociology class?"
Courtesy of Santa Ana Public Library
What kind of mood am I in?    
When watching a move whether in a theater or at home I normally have a feeling of relaxation and I am paying close attention to the movie. One of my husband’s biggest annoyance is that when I am watching something it is very hard to get my attention. The only time boredom comes into play is if the movie is completely without plot and/or special effects.
My mood when visiting my parents is a mixture of security and peace. My parents and I were very close and being with them reminds me that they will always be there for me.
When studying my mood is one of concentration and easy annoyance. I prefer to study in quiet without a lot of distraction. When someone interrupts that peace I can tend to get very annoyed and stressed. Just last night while trying to study for a physics test my husband decided to work on a truck and started the damn air compressor. I could just feel the irritation building up.
When taking a long trip I am usual excited and curious about where we are traveling. If by car I am always in the front seat navigating or driving to our destination. In a plane however, I am extremely stressed because I do not have control of my situation. If anything goes wrong there is nothing I can do to fix it and I know it.
Decision- my method of decision making would most likely represent that of a jigsaw puzzle. I like to look forward and see how each little piece of what I am doing is going to fit with the one I have already put into place and what kind of space it is going to leave of the next decision to fit.
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